Cargo & Postal service - Customs Clearance agent / Customs broker

ICS2 Agents - The Import Control System 2 (ICS2) is a sophisticated system designed to enhance security and streamline customs procedures for imports entering a country. It serves as an advanced electronic platform for managing and monitoring the flow of goods across borders, allowing customs authorities to efficiently process imports while ensuring compliance with relevant regulations and security standards. The system being used at the moment ICS1 will cease to exist at the beginning of Phase 2. The roll-out date will be 200 days from 01 March 2023 to allow everyone to become familiar with the new system.

General cargo – No special needs, not oversized or odd dimensions.

Special cargo - Temperature controlled, Dangerous /Hazardous cargo, Live animals, Human remains / Tissues, and organs.

Postal service - As part of a secure supply chain our staff perform security controls and protect secured consignments from unlawful interference throughout their journey. We work with Consignors and regulators.

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